The Kind of Work We Specialize In

Outdoor Kitchen's

outdoor kitchen wiring, lighting, outlets, switches, GFCI heaters, pipeing

We install lighting, GFCI outlets, new circuits for your new outdoor kitchen. We work with several outdoor landscape kitchen companies.

Landscape Lighting Before

Landscape lighting before

We install landscape lighting. Above is picture of a house before we installed new lighting on the house. 

Landscape Lighting After

landscape lighting

Landscape lighting can change the look of your house and make it more secure when you come home at night. Look at the after landscape picture. 

Swimming Pool and Spa Circuits Added

swimming pools and spas hot tubs wired circuits added

We install new circuits and wiring for swimming pools or spas. Let us wire up your next pool for you.

Patio Fans and Lighting

ceiling fans installed or fans added

Do you need a fan on your patio or installed in your home? We can help with that. 

Patio Heaters

patio heaters new circuits heaters

Would you like to enjoy your patio year round? Let us install electric heaters.

More of The Kind of Work We Specialize In

Breaker Box Upgrade and Replace

meter cans installed new panel new services breaker boxs

Do you have a breaker box that is old or do you have the old screw in fuses? It may be time to replace or rebuild your electric service to your house.

Circuit Breaker Replace or Repair

circuit breakers tripping turning off

Do you have Zinco, FPE, or a stablock panel in your house? If so those are a fire hazard and should be replaced and inspected. 

Does your breakers keep tripping off?

Zinco, FPE, or a stablock  fire hazard

Do you have breakers that trip off or quit working? You may have a bad breaker box or breaker. 

Aluminum Wiring Repair Before Repaired

Aluminum Wiring Repair Before Repaired

Aluminum wiring can heat up and burn up the wirers as the above picture shows. Do you smell a smell that smells like rotten eggs? It my be a outlet wiring burning up.

Aluminum Wiring Repair After Repaired

Aluminum Wiring Repair Before Repaired or replaced king innovation alumiconn 2 or 3 port connectors

We have a insurance and UL approved solution to your aluminum wiring problem. That is Alumiconn connectors. We install them to there specs. 

Kitchen Lighting and Remodeling

Can lighting kitchen remodel upgrade

Do you need your lighting in your kitchen updated? Recessed cans, pendant lighting, under counter lighting and recess can LED retro kit from standard can to new energy efficient LED lighting.